Courses & Curriculum

Degree Requirements

The UW Master of Education in Education Policy (MEP) requires a minimum of 44 credits — 11 courses worth a total of 32 or 33 credits (depending on your choice of electives), along with internship and project work accounting for 12 credits.


The program curriculum gives you a foundational understanding of educational policy design and implementation, applied qualitative and quantitative methods, education economics and school finance, the dynamics of educational organizations and the politics of policymaking.

Each quarter you will take a special seminar course that applies your classroom learning to current issues facing education systems. Through case studies and group projects, you will unpack the theories and explore their practical application to policy design, implementation and evaluation.

Internship and Degree Project

A key aspect of MEP is the 150-hour internship that each student serves with a selected nonprofit organization or government agency. This vital aspect of the program allows you to apply the conceptual knowledge and practical skills learned in the classroom to real-world challenges, working closely with experienced professionals.

The degree culminates with a major project that you can add to your professional portfolio. The project includes three components:

  • A narrative summary of the highlights of your academic coursework, and a product from one of your courses that illustrates your critical thinking and writing skills as well as your knowledge of education policy
  • An in-depth written analysis of your internship experience that demonstrates your work and the skills you developed or refined
  • An independent policy analysis project that you design, develop and execute during spring and summer quarters

Course Sequence

Number of credits for each course listed in parentheses.

EDLPS 510: School Finance (3)
EDLPS 549: Introduction to Applied Research Methods (3)
EDLPS 560: Perspectives on Policy & Policymaking in Education (3)
EDLPS 579: MEP Integrative Seminar (2)
EDLPS 549: Introduction to Applied Quantitative Methods (3)
EDLPS 550: The Dynamics of Educational Organizations (4)
EDLPS 575: Design & Implementation of Policy in Education (4)
EDLPS 579: MEP Integrative Seminar (2)
EDLPS 568: Policy Evaluation in Education (3)
EDLPS 579: MEP Integrative Seminar (2)
Policy Internship (3)
Elective Course (choose one, worth 3–4 credits):
- EDC&I 525: Teacher Learning & School Change
- EDLPS 565: Leadership: Power & Politics
- EDLPS 579: Grantwriting in Education
- EDPSY 490: Introduction to Statistics
Policy Internship (6)
Master's Degree Project/Portfolio Development (3)