Jillian Kilby

2014 Graduate

Jillian KilbyWhat is your current professional role?

I work as the associate director of state relations at the University of Washington.

Can you talk about your internship experience in MEP?

I was a research and evaluation officer at the College Success Foundation. I conducted a review of literature focused on defining and measuring the terms "college readiness" and "college of good fit." My final project included producing infographics and a report in which I made recommendations for how CSF could align their initiatives with current literature on college readiness.

What are some things you gained from the program that have proven valuable?

My MEP experience provided me with exposure to educational organizations working in the policy field, both locally and in some cases nationally. I also formed strong bonds with my classmates and with the program’s large alumni network, connections that will help me throughout my career.

What are your career goals?

I see myself as a leader in the education policy field. I'd like to direct an organization that works on issues related to college access. I could also see myself in government relations or lobbying on behalf of higher education.